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DanceBar APP Privacy Policy 


DanceBar APP為馬在飛科技有限公司所擁有並經營;為了維護個人隱私權與支持個人資料保護, 馬在飛科技有限公司謹以下列聲明,向您說明DanceBar APP蒐集個人資料之目的、類別、利用範圍及方式、以及您所得行使之權利等事項; 此份隱私權聲明及以下告知事項主要是幫助您了解DanceBar APP關於個人資料的保護政策。如果您對於 DanceBar APP的隱私權聲明、以下相關告知事項、或與個人資料保護有關之相關事項有任何疑問,可以和馬在飛科技有限公司聯絡, 馬在飛科技有限公司會儘快回覆說明。

DanceBar APP is operated by Arion Techs Co., Ltd.,. To support the protection of personal data and maintain the right to personal privacy, Arion Techs Co., Ltd.("Arion Techs "), in the following statement, will explain to you the purposes, categories, and the scope and method of use of the collection of personal data by DanceBar APP, as well as the related rights you are entitled to exercise. The purpose of this privacy policy and the disclosures below is to help you understand the personal data protection policy adopted by DanceBar APP. If you have any questions regarding matters related to the protection of personal data, you may contact Arion Techs , and Arion Techs  will respond with an explanation as soon as possible.


適用範圍Scope of applicability

DanceBar APP隱私權聲明及其所包含之告知事項,僅適用於DanceBar APP。DanceBar APP內可能包含許多連結、或其他合作夥伴所提供的服務,關於該等連結網站、合作夥伴網站或個別用戶的隱私權聲明及與個人資料保護有關之告知事項,請參閱各該連結網站、合作夥伴網站。

DanceBar APP privacy policy and the disclosures contained herein are applicable only to the APP and websites owned and operated by DanceBar APP. DanceBar APP may possibly contain website links or services provided by other cooperating partners, and for the privacy policies and the disclosures regarding personal data protection adopted by those linked websites or the cooperating partners' websites, please go to their respective websites.



個人資料蒐集之目的與類別The purposes and categories of personal data collection 

DanceBar APP為了行銷、提供廣告(包括DanceBar APP或第三方提供之廣告內容)、客戶管理與服務、網路通訊及資訊服務、電信及傳播監理、提供電子商務服務、履行法定或合約義務、保護當事人及相關利害關係人之權益、售後服務、以及經營合於營業登記項目或組織章程所定之業務等目的,依照各該服務之性質,可能蒐集您的姓名、連絡方式(包括但不限於電話、E-MAIL及地址等)、服務單位、職稱、為完成收款或付款所需之資料、IP位址、通聯紀錄、及其他得以直接或間接識別使用者身分之個人資料。
此外,為提升服務品質,DanceBar APP會依照所提供服務之性質,記錄使用者的IP位址、以及在DanceBar APP相關服務內的使用活動等資料,但是這些資料僅供作服務品質分析和網路行為調查,以便於改善DanceBar APP相關服務的服務品質,這些資料也只是總量上的分析,不會和特定個人相連繫。
當您使用DanceBar APP服務時,您實際上提供了下列三種訊息:
(1) 主動資料:您主動向DanceBar APP提供的個人資料。
(2) 被動資料:您在使用DanceBar APP服務時,由系統自動產生的資料。
(3) 使用者資料:您與其他DanceBar APP使用者之間共享、溝通的資料。
主動資料:包含我們用來驗證您、並用來提供您服務的一切資訊。這包含了您的DanceBar APP使用者帳號以及密碼。您的使用者帳號以及密碼直接被儲存在DanceBar APP的中央伺服器裡。此外,主動資料還會包含您決定購買哪些付費、加值服務的付費資料。主動資料還包括您主動提供的相關資料。
對於使用者的所有主動來信、填寫的問題表格、回饋表格等,DanceBar APP皆會用於改善軟體上。DanceBar APP也保留將使用者的評語、或回饋等,使用於行銷活動的權利。若DanceBar APP決定將某一使用者的評價揭露在網站上或用於其他種類的行銷活動、我們不會揭露任何會透露出使用者身份的資訊,或者會在使用者同意後再行透露。
使用者資料:包含所有你自行在個人資訊中輸入的各項資料,包括名字、Email等。也包含了你上線的狀況以及您的IP位置。使用者資訊並不會儲存在中央伺服器裡,而只是藉由您的填寫而暫存在整個DanceBar APP上,由使用者以及其他使用者自願性的分享。

For the purposes of marketing, providing advertisements (including those provided by DanceBar APP or third parties), providing network communication and information services, regulatory supervision of telecommunications and communications, providing internet shopping and other e-commerce services, fulfilling legal and contractual obligations, protecting the rights and interests of the parties and interested parties, providing after-sales services, and operating businesses in conformance with the lines of business specified in the business registration or articles of incorporation, DanceBar APP, in accordance with the nature of each of those services, may possibly collect your name, contact information (including, but not limited to, telephone number, email address, and postal address), the name of the entity you work for, your occupational title, information necessary for completing collection o
In addition, to improve service quality, DanceBar APP, in accordance with the nature of the services it provides, will record the user's IP address and the data of the activities engaged in by the user in using DanceBar APP services. But such data will be used only to analyze the network traffic and communication quality and to study network behavior so that the quality of DanceBar services can be improved, and the data will be used only in aggregate analysis and will not be linked to any specific individuals.
In practice, you will be providing the following three types of data when you use the DanceBar APP service:
(1) Active data: Personal data that you voluntarily provide to DanceBar APP.
(2) Passive data: Data automatically generated by the system when you use the DanceBar APP service.
(3) User data: Data that you share with or communicate to other DanceBar APP users.
The three types of data are explained as follows:
Active data: Active data encompasses all information that is used to verify your identity and provide services for you, and such data includes your DanceBar APP user account and password, which are directly stored in the central servers of DanceBar APP. Active data also includes payment data in connection with your decisions about purchase of paid or value added services. Active data further includes other data that you voluntarily provide.
DanceBar APP will use any letters spontaneously sent and questions or feedback filled in the forms by users to improve the software. DanceBar APP also reserves the right to use those comments or feedback in marketing activities. If DanceBar APP decides to disclose the comment of a user on the website or to use it in other types of marketing activities, DanceBar will not disclose any information that is likely to reveal the identity of the user, or alternatively, DanceBar APP will disclose the information only after obtaining the consent of the user.
Passive data: Passive data means information necessary for the provision of better functionality and improvement of service quality. Such information includes the version of the software you use. Passive data is generated automatically. Except for the various anonymous data collected by the system as statistics, none of the other information will be stored in the central servers. The statistics are used only to provide you with better service quality and to find out whether there is anyone attempting to vandalize the payment system or engage in other improper conduct.
User data: User data encompasses all of the data that you enter in the personal profile, including your name and email address. User data also includes your online status and your IP address. Instead of being stored in the central servers, user data will be temporarily stored in the DanceBar APP when you enter the data, and it is shared with other users by the user voluntarily.



個人資料的利用The use of personal data

DanceBar APP所蒐集的足以識別使用者身分的個人資料,都僅供DanceBar APP於其內部、依照蒐集之目的進行處理和利用,除非事先說明、或為完成提供服務或履行合約義務之必要、或是為完成或執行您已經註冊使用的相關服務或功能之必要、或依照相關法令規定或有權主管機關之命令或要求,否則DanceBar APP不會將足以識別使用者身分的個人資料提供給第三人(包括境內及境外)、或移作蒐集目的以外之使用。
在合約有效期間內,以及法令所定應保存之期間內,DanceBar APP會持續保管、處理及利用相關資料。

The personal data collected by DanceBar APP that is sufficient to identify a user is provided only for processing and use by DanceBar internally in accordance with the purposes of its collection. DanceBar APP will not provide information sufficient to identify a user to any third party (either onshore or offshore), or use the data for any purpose other than the purposes for which it is collected, unless it gives prior explanation, or as necessary for the purpose of completing provision of services or fulfilling contractual obligations, or as necessary for the completion or execution of relevant services or functions for which you have already registered for use, or in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, or as ordered or requested by a competent authority so empowered.
DanceBar APP will continue to retain, process, and use relevant information during the effective term of the Agreement and the period for which the information is required to be retained as provided by laws or regulations.



資料安全Data security

DanceBar APP將以合於產業標準之合理技術及程序,維護DanceBar APP個人資料之安全。
DanceBar APP will maintain the security of personal data by employing reasonable technology and procedures consistent with industry standards.



資料當事人之權利 Rights of the party whose data is collected

使用者可以自行登入DanceBar APP內查詢、閱覽本人的個人資料。若您的個人資料有變更、或發現您的個人資料不正確,可以隨時提出修改或更正。
資料當事人可以請求查詢、閱覽本人的個人資料或要求給予複本,但DanceBar APP得酌收必要成本和費用。當蒐集個人資料之目的消失或期限屆滿時,您可要求刪除、停止處理或利用個人資料。但因DanceBar APP執行職務或業務所必須者,不在此限。

Users may log in to the DanceBar APP to search or review their own personal data. If your personal data has changed, or you discover your personal data is incorrect, you may request revision or correction at any time.
The party whose data is collected may request a search or review of their own personal data or may request that the party be given a copy, provided that DanceBar APP may collect necessary fees and costs at its discretion. When there no longer exists a purpose for collecting the data, or the prescribed period has expired, you may request that the data be deleted or that processing and use of the data cease, provided that this does not apply when the data is necessary for DanceBar APP in its execution of duties or business.



影響Effects of exercising rights

為使DanceBar APP相關服務得以順利提供、或使相關交易得以順利完成或履行完畢,若您不願意提供各該服務或交易所要求的相關個人資料予DanceBar APP及其合作夥伴,並同意DanceBar APP及其合作夥伴就該等個人資料依法令規定、相關服務約定條款、相關隱私權政策及其相關告知內容等,為相關之個人資料蒐集、處理、利用及國際傳輸,DanceBar APP將尊重您的決定,但依照各該服務之性質或條件,您可能因此無法使用該等服務或完成相關交易,DanceBar APP並保留是否同意提供該等相關服務或完成相關交易之權利。

If you are unwilling to provide toDanceBar APP and its cooperating partners the required personal data that will enable the smooth provision of DanceBar APP related services or allow a given transaction to be successfully completed or carried through to conclusion, and to consent to the collection, processing, use, and international transmission of such personal data by DanceBar APP and its cooperating partners in accordance with laws and regulations, related terms of service, and related privacy policy and its disclosures, DanceBar APP will respect your decision, but depending on the nature or requirements of any given service, you may, as a result, be unable to use the given service or complete the given transaction. DanceBar APP also reserves the right to refuse to provide any such service or to complete any such transaction.


修訂之權利The right to amend the privacy policy

DanceBar APP有權隨時修訂本隱私權聲明及相關告知事項,並得於修訂後公佈在 DanceBar APP網站上,不另行個別通知,您可以隨時在DanceBar APP網站上詳閱修訂後的隱私權聲明及相關告知事項。

DanceBar APP is entitled to amend this privacy policy and the related disclosures at any time, and may subsequently publish the amendments on an appropriate location of the DanceBar APP website without giving individual notifications. You may at any time review the amended privacy policy and related disclosures on the DanceBar APP website.

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